Sunday, 18 August 2013

Fun, friends and fattening food!

A couple of weeks a go a letter arrived saying we needed to find somewhere else to live, as our landlord was moving back to this country. We have been procrastinating for the past couple of years about finding somewhere to buy. With a healthy deposit saved and permanent jobs, there wasn't anything really stopping us. Really this is a blessing in disguise as this deadline has given us a new impetus. It has however increased my stress levels ten fold. I was thrilled when I realised I had already booked in a visit from my friends, as it gave me the perfect excuse to take a break from decision making. 

Unfortunately, as I met my closest friends at University, they are now dotted about the country, so we have to schedule in meetups. We manage to cram in a couple of months worth of conversation into a couple of hours. Saturday was spent lounging around chatting and eating a veritable feast of naughty food. Sunday was spent with my hubby and friend Vicky going for an early morning run. Vicky is a freelance sports masseuse (apparently it is not a euphemism!) and as my husband is currently in marathon training, she brought out the baby oil and threw him a freebie. This was not the pleasurable experience he was hoping for, but he was so impressed with how much it relieved the discomfort in his muscles and knees, and we learnt so much about how to look after your body! If you are interested and live in the Cheshire area visit her facebook page here for more details. 

Love my friend's shoes. Suitable footwear for a walk!

We then all enjoyed a walk around Newmillerdam and a meal at The Pledwick Bar (website here) and Restaurant. It had the lovely relaxed atmosphere of a pub with the refinement of a restaurant. This was the perfect mix, as I was happy play with our little boy on the table, but it still felt like I was getting grown up time. Our little bundle of joy, it has to be said, was impeccably behaved however! All of the food was delicious and we particularly loved the idea of the Yorkshire Tapas menu with your choice of three dishes for £10. 

I had such a lovely relaxing weekend with Fiona and Vicky that it has reinvigorated me for the weeks ahead. There is nothing like quality time with friends and I love these girls to pieces.

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