Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My weekly sketch...Tea

Sketch There's always time for tea.

I really enjoy creating pieces of art, but with a newborn baby boy, I don't think I'll really get the chance to do anything too time consuming. Simple ink sketches are an ideal outlet for my creative cravings. Here's my first quick attempt at one. To give this an almost chalkboard feel, I simply inverted the colours on GIMP. 

I decided that the theme of my sketches should be things that I love. Tea is definitely one of the things I love. I do not function without it. My husband and I often have silly bets to determine who has to make all the cups of tea in a week. When you drink as much tea as we do, these are high stakes. Whilst in University, my friend Fiona and I would drink copious amounts of tea accompanied by chocolate, whilst reading showbiz gossip magazines, with a romcom on the telly. Heaven!  

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