Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Autumn Wreath

I was quite taken with the beautiful autumnal colours on a recent walk, and before I knew it I had filled the pram's shopping basket with leaves, twigs and conkers. As all of my craft things are packed away, I decided that I would embrace my inner womble. When I returned home my husband seemed a little bemused by my squirreling little scavenger hunt. I sat and had a little ponder, as to what to make with my finds. I decided to create an Autumn wreath.

Things you will need.

Firstly I wrapped the long sticks, I had collected, around and around in a haphazard manner and poked the end bits in among the other twigs. This took a bit of fiddling about until I was happy with the arrangement.

Things I have learned from this - perhaps use some string to hold this together as every time I moved one of the sticks another fell out. Try not to use sticks with thorns. (Ouch!) Also, if the sticks are not bending easily and snapping then wet these and they should be easier to shape.

Next I surveyed the array of leaves I had collected. I decided that I would form some of the leaves into flowers. Strangely enough the leaves I collected from the ground were a bit dirty, so first I dipped them into water and got rid of the dirt. This also helped make them more pliable when shaping the flowers.

Once I had washed a leaf, I bent it in half and wrapped it round to form the middle of the flower. I then took a needle and thread and put a few stitches in. I then took another leaf and kept adding more and more petals to the flower until it was the size I desired.

I made different sized flowers to be interspersed between the twigs of the wreath. I then positioned the flowers and attached them to the sticks with the thread and left the wreath to dry. The leaves weren't quite as bright orange, but I still love the colour and texture now they are dry. 

I love making objects from things that are literally lying around. What's your favourite autumn crafts?


  1. How clever! I love how you made flowers out of leaves.

    1. Thanks Anna. I am definitely making more. I really enjoyed sewing leaves!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. This is really clever, especially the flowers made from leaves. I wish I could find some conkers, I keep getting spiders in the house and conkers are supposed to repel them if you leave a few lying around.

  3. Such a great little DIY tutorial! Your wreath looks beautiful!