Monday, 17 June 2013

How to make pretty picnics

For my birthday, I asked for a picnic basket, and we have already been out in the sunshine making good use of my present. In the summer holidays my 4 year old niece is coming to stay, and I can't wait to create some pretty pink picnics. She is quite the picnic connoisseur, and is often seen setting one up on the living room floor. Therefore I'm going to have to pull something out of the bag to make it special.

How to make pretty picnics
1. Pink hearts melamine plate by Emma Bridgewater.
2. Linen sprig acrylic tumbler by Cath Kidston.
3. Linen sprig melamine bowl by Cath Kidston.
4. Linen sprig acrylic wine glass by Cath Kidston.
5. Children's melamine tea set by Emma Bridgewater,
6. Pink hearts melamine bowl by Emma Bridgewater.
7. Pink Tweed Dress by Oasis.
8. Linen sprig plate by Cath Kidston.
9. Linen sprig melamine stacking mug by Cath Kidston.
10. Butterfly bunting by Laura Ashley.
11. Pink rose girl's dress by JoJo Maman Bebe.

How to make pretty picnics
1. Polka dot dress by Mod Cloth.
2. Provencal rose bowl by Cath Kidston.
3. Picnic basket by Next.
4, Rose earrings by Mod Cloth.
5, Provencal rose flask by Cath Kidston.
6. Melamine 3 tier cake stand by Laura Ashley.
7. Pink gingham dress from JoJo Maman Bebe.
8. Provencal rose bowl from Cath Kidston.
9. Provencal rose beaker by Cath Kidston
10. Floral tea set by Argos.

I'm planning on utilising my masses of pretty pink material, lace and ribbons that my husband berates me for buying. I also have flower garlands and fairy lights for in the trees. I'm hoping to get some butterflies and fairies to hide around. This would make a great idea for a little girl's birthday party. You could pick their favourite park and organise treasure hunts and games without worrying about them smashing into your furniture or trampling your flowerbeds. 


  1. You've found some gorgeous pieces! It would be great to see some pictures when you get round to having your picnics to see what you end up doing. Hopefully the weather will be kind to you when your niece comes to stay.

    Lucy x The New Northerner

  2. I will be sure to take some pics. I've also got a navy blue and red picnic set for beach picnics. Bit obsessed at the mo! Hehe. x