Sunday, 23 June 2013

What I did this weekend...

We went to FORGE arts and craft fair in Sheffield this weekend, organised by Hallam Roses W.I., and brought to my attention by fellow Yorkshire blogger Emma from Oh Gosh blog. They were raising funds for their W.I. and the charity Roundabout. There was plenty to see and it was great to support all the local talent. Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay long, as my little baby boy decided to have a little bit of a meltdown. I still managed to find some nice items to take home and grab some cake, as my husband frantically rocked and attempted to soothe my son.

There was such an array of baking that I struggled to decide what to buy. It all looked so delicious. We opted for some lovely moist chocolate cake, some flapjack and some white chocolate and Tobelerone brownie. I must admit I had a little nibble of the flapjack on the ride home, as I couldn't wait, but the rest was devoured with a nice cuppa when I got home. I thought it was only fair to give my hubby half a taste of them.

I got this adorable sock monkey (from the Ginger Zoo), a cute panda origami card (from Terrible Lizard) and a deep repair hair mask. (from Lovely cosmetics) The sock monkey and card are for my sister-in-law, but I got the hair mask for me. It has left my hair luxuriously smooth and silky. I cannot tell you how much I love the smell too, as it reminds me of going to the perfumery in Grasse, France, as a little girl. 

Seen as I was having a naughty weekend, I thought it was about time I had my first post-pregnancy Nandos. It is an addiction! My husband commented on the beaming smile I had all day once we decided to have Nandos for tea and its true I did!

We then had a quick visit to Hemsworth Water Park, which I hadn't visited since I was small. My grandparents would often take my siblings and I when we were younger. It was a lovely nostalgic walk down memory lane.

It consists of two lakes (with a bridge ideal for poohsticks), pedalos, a cafe, a play area, a small beach?! and a miniature railway. It wasn't the greatest of weather, so we didn't stay very long. Infact we ran back to the car, (just as my hubby offered to buy me a White Magnum icecream. Gutted!) when the torrential rain arrived.

Hemsworth Water Park is free, but parking costs £2. There are also additional charges for different activities, Playworld is £2.50 per child, the railway is £1 per person, paddle boards, mambo canoes and ocean duo canoes are £1 per person.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

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  1. I love your hair in that photograph! Looks like you had a lovely weekend.

    Lucy x