Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How to create a glitter champagne bottle...

How to create a glitter champagne bottle

As I had a Christmas wedding, my day was full to the brim of sparkle. One of my work colleagues is getting married at the weekend, so I thought I would glitter up a bottle of bubbles to make her day more twinkly.

How to create a glitter champagne bottle

All you need is...

Champagne (or in this case I have used some M&S cava as I prefer the taste and the price!)
Sponge or paint brush 
Craft glue 
Glitter of choice 

This really is super quick and easy. Simply sponge or paint glue on to the bottle and sprinkle on glitter. Having tried both, I found that using a paint brush worked so much better. It is more precise and I managed to get a thicker covering of glue (this is important to get a more professional look).  Make sure that you keep sprinkling the glitter until you cannot see any of the bottle. As you can see in the photo below, where the bottle is partially done, it looks far better when the glitter completely covers the champagne. 

How to create a glitter champagne bottle

Another top tip, to add some sparkle to your bubbly, is edible glitter in the bottom of your champagne glass. When the champagne is poured, the bubbles makes the glitter swirl about and keeps doing so until you finish your glass. It really is spectacular! This was a crowd pleaser on my big day and I had endless amounts of people enquiring how I created the effect.

Glitter wedding sparkle
How I miss my sparkly day. I wish you could wear your dress everyday!

Let's hope the weather stays nice for a sparkly wedding day in the sunshine. Congratulations!

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