Sunday, 7 July 2013

My weekly sketch ...Daydreaming

My weekly sketch Daydreaming.

My weekly sketch, of things I love, this week is...Daydreaming. I love to have a little time to myself to have a little daydream. I think about what life will be like when my little boy is older. I dream of owning a small tea rooms, with a craft shop attached, in North Yorkshire. More than all of this though, I truly believe that you need to daydream and take a little time to recharge your mind. We live in a world full of technology to entertain us, which is wonderful, but it can come at a cost of our sanity. We appear to be living in a more stressed society than our grandparents, which bearing mind they lived through two World Wars and a depression, seems a ridiculous notion. When we do have a spare moment, we check our emails or texts or Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest etc or we watch telly or surf the net. This week I have made a conscientious effort to dedicate time to my imagination and creativity or just to simply sitting doing nothing and its been reinvigorating. I asked my husband to give me an hour of craft on Wednesday night and I sat with no music or TV just  melodious silence. I implore you to give your mind a well earned reprise from the hectic life of 2013.

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