Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Posh chicken nuggets

Posh chicken nuggets

I’m guessing this is not the healthiest tea, but it is delicious. My friends know I’m of a delicate constitution. Quite a sickly young thing – my character would not make it to the end of a Victorian novel. I therefore try to avoid eating takeaways, so made this as an alternative to KFC. My niece also enjoyed a variation of this instead of driving to McDonalds for Chicken McNuggets and French Fries.

1 egg
Bowl of flour (Sorry but not sure of exact measurements – just enough to cover however much chicken)
Chicken breast (Chopped into bite size chunks)
New potatoes
Olive oil.
4 garlic cloves or garlic infused oil.
Your choice of spices (I used a spice mix of paprika, chilli flakes, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper)
Chicken Oxo.
Salad optional.

Preheat oven at 200° c. Chop your new potatoes into slices and put them on to parboil for 10  mins or until you can stick a fork in . Then put these into the oven in either garlic infused olive oil or put in some whole smashed garlic cloves and olive oil then sprinkle with chicken oxo. Place flour in a bowl and your choice of spices and one Chicken Oxo cube. In another bowl break your egg and mix until egg yolk and white is combined. Put a frying pan on a high heat with some olive oil in. Dip your chopped chicken first into the bowl of egg – wait for the excess to drip off then dip them into your flour mix. Place them in your hot frying pan. Once you have got some colour and outside is crispy turn the heat down and cook until cooked throughout. Serve with salad. If you have an uncertain oven like mine and your chicken is nearly ready and there isn’t colour on your potatoes – stick the grill on for five minutes to finish them.

My salad dressing used here is balsamic vinegar, olive oil, mustard seeds, crushed garlic and pepper.

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